Monday, April 2, 2012

Star Wars Crawl Creator Launched!

Star Wars Crawl Creator was launched this month!

Make your very own Star Wars style Crawl Videos on your iPad or iPhone, just like in the movies! Write your own story, and add your own music! Share your crawls with friends, submit them to be voted on, or view popular Crawls that others have created.

Try it out for free here!

For those who want to create video files to upload to YouTube or use in their own Video editing and creation, check out the Pro version, CrawlCreator+, for .99c.

CrawlCreator+ will let you save out your Crawls to HD Video, and then upload to YouTube, Email to Yourself, Transfer to your PC/Mac or Text to Friends!

Get it here!

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Check out our website to keep updated or drop us an email! We love hearing suggestions, and would be glad to help fix bugs and issues you encounter!

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